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I never thought that i would paint. When i was a kid, my mom sent me to a music school to learn to play piano. After several lessons, I realized that I don't like it, but went on with it. One year later, I made my mom happy by performing my examination piece on a white concert piano for her. When I finished playing, I approached her and asked to take me to an art school, because piano was not for me. In a week, I started visiting an art school. I spent four years there, graduated and was happy. At that moment, I was feeling like I wanted to be an interior designer, but in the 11th grade I changed my mind and went to study Tourism, completely putting aside design and painting.

Many years later, after trying myself in various careers, I got married and moved to the USA. My active life stopped and suddenly, on weekdays I was alone with myself. I had to start all over again in a new country. I asked myself: "What do I really want to do?" I couldn't find the answer, until the day when I bought some paints, brushes and a canvas...

My first painting after many years was flowers. When my husband came home and saw it, he was the first person who believed in me, while I myself was skeptical.

A few months later, my husband sent some of my artwork for consideration and participation in an art exhibition in Boston where we live. It was a big surprise for me when I learned that my application was accepted. My main goal was to show my paintings to the people for the first time and see how they react.

On the day of the exhibition, my husband asked to take all my paintings and leave nothing at home. I didn't want to take two of them. These two painting were terrible in my eyes. Despite that, my husband insisted and we took them. My mood during the exhibition was awful: I was looking at these two paintings - they were spoiling my general impression of my exhibition. That day I received many compliments and saw that people like my work but the most unbelievable and memorable thing was that I sold two of them… Which ones do you think? Yes, exactly these two I didn't want to take! These two that spoiled my mood! I couldn't believe that and frankly, at first, I thought my husband asked somebody to buy it. But then I realized that of course he didn't. That day I realized: everyone has a different taste and there are no bad paintings, there are just different ones. That day I learned new things about art and received compliments from many people for future inspiration. That day, a new chapter of my life began - expressing my feelings and emotions on a canvas and sharing them with the World.


Let's create what you like



If you would like to order a painting, contact me with desirable size of the painting and a photo or video of your interior, showing the place where you wish to see the painting. When we talk, we will find out what you like and how it should be done. I'd like to know a little bit about you, because it helps me making my art special for you and your interior. I am always happy to give you advice if you need it. When painting is ready, l will show it to you before varnish. At this stage we can adjust small things until you are fully satisfied. After that I varnish it twice and the painting is ready to make you happy.


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